Horseback Riding

The pleasure and sense of accomplishment that accompanies the sport of horseback riding has proven to be just the beginning of the benefits for children with disabilities.

Research has shown that riding a horse helps a child’s flexibility, balance and muscle strength. In addition, the rider experiences growth in self esteem, confidence and independence. The NIS program, established in 2002, provides a program adapted to meet the physical and emotional needs of each participating child.

  • Designed for NIS preschoolers with disabilities to support developmental growth.
  • Program takes place at a local stable.
  • Program offered on weekday afternoons for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Reasonable tuition fee. Parent participation required .

Saturday Enrichment Progams

This popular program is designed to meet the needs of NIS families. Many families appreciate the opportunity to enjoy learning experiences in a relaxed, fun atmosphere in our child centered environment. Parents and children can participate together.  

  • For children with and without disabilities, ages 2-5
  • Courses offered on Saturday mornings for 6-8 weeks
  • Variety of activities, including storytime and crafts
  • Reasonable tuition fee, Parents welcome

Library/Media Center

In January 2008, NIS opened a newly constructed addition to our facility, our new library media center. We have created a warm and inviting environment in which children can experience a variety of early literacy activities. In addition, this center serves as an information and materials resource for parents and NIS professionals.

A broad spectrum of materials are available including fiction and non-fiction children’s books, bilingual books, educational software, professional magazines, and books for parents and professionals on early childhood education and family issues. In this center you will find:

  • Lending Library for children, parents, and professionals.
  • Computers and Educational Software
  • Story Time Area Listening Center
  • Puppets and Props Area

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